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Technology Research, Development, and Standardization

With our in-depth understanding and experience of a successful product and technology development cycle, we assist our clients in architecting flexible, scalable, and future proven product architectures that employ the right technologies to meet customer requirements and investment goals. We have extensive experience working within industry standard organizations to bring competitive advantages to your product. We also have a track record in developing patents that will increase your company's value. Most importantly, we assist our clients in formulating and implementing an industry standard and intellectual property (I.P.) development strategy that sustains the company's competitive edge.

Systems Engineering and Program Management

We practice systems engineering in our development process and focus on optimizing the final product's user requirements, functionality, performance, and cost. Applying Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tools, we support our clients in transforming their communications network and I.T. infrastructure by deploying cutting-edge technologies.

Enterprise Strategy Development

Changes are constant! Enterprises, particularly government organizations, face unprecedented challenges adapting their technologies and processes to improve performance and reach their goals. We bring capabilities to support all steps of enterprise business strategy development. Through strategic thinking, sound and detailed analysis, and synthesis, a coherententerprise perspective will emerge that enables senior leaders to make intelligent decisions.