About Us

Supinf Technologies is a technology development and strategy consulting firm. For over a decade, we have delivered world-class engineering services and cutting-edge technology solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense, Federal agencies, and commercial sectors. Our technical staff brings extensive experience ranging from Silicon Valley high-tech industry, commercial research laboratories, Federal Funded R&D Centers, defense companies, and U.S. Military Services. Our firm specializes in New Space capability development and integration, satellite communications, tactical networking, electromagnetic spectrum operation, enterprise I.T. system transformation, acquisition, and program management.

We practice systems engineering and implement a proven technical and product management process to plan, develop, evolve, and deploy innovative solutions.

Supinf Technologies, LLC

Leveraging our unique insight in DoD strategies, industry trends, and technology evolutions, we have established a solid track record and formed close partnerships with clients including U.S. Space Force, Army Futures Command, Defense Information Systems Agency, Defense Health Agency, National Aeronautics, and Space Administration, etc.

Supinf Technologies is an SBA-certified participant in the 8(a) business development program, founded in 2009, headquartered in Rockville, MD. We have grown significantly in our client base, and the company is among the top 200 fastest growing companies according to the INC 5000 Magazine.

Supinf Technologies, LLC


Kevin Zhang, President and CEO
Entrepreneur, technologist, and founder of Supinf Technologies, Kevin Zhang, brings over 30-year experience driving technology innovations and business growth across commercial and federal sectors. Before founding the company, he was the Senior Technical Officer of XACCT Technologies, Inc. (acquired by AMDOCS). In this Silicon Valley-based Telecommunications software company, he was responsible for setting the company's technology, industry standards, and intellectual property strategies. Kevin also worked at MITRE and COMSAT Labs/Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications, serving various technical and management roles. He led the system design and development of multiple global broadbands and mobile satellite networks and was responsible for the internal R&D programs for network management and advanced wireless networking technologies.

Kevin has been a key contributor to industry-standard development. He served as the rapporteur of Q.22 and Q.13 of International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Study Group 13 for global satellite systems standardization. He represented various companies in standard development organizations such as ITU-T, 3GPP, IETF, ETSI, IEEE SA, TMF, ATM Forum, and U.S. T1 Standard Committee.